While Visiting DMZ, Sarah Huckabee is Shocked When Soldier Turns to Her And Does THIS

Continuing his tour of Asia yesterday, President Trump and his entourage attempted to make a visit to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) between South Korea and North Korea.

The weather was not cooperating and the team decided to have President Trump wait in the limo to see if the fog would clear up enough for his visit.

During that time, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was briefing the press on the ever-changing situation when Army Ranger chief warrant officer Zizelman noticed that she was shivering out on the tarmac.

Zizelman immediately gave her his warm jacket to wear.

“One of our brave soldiers was nice enough to loan me his flight jacket because I was freezing.”

How incredible! Once again, our military heroes showing the rest of the world how to act toward our fellow Americans.

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