Local news reports Pence to visit Indiana—locals grumble & threaten to ‘take a knee’ at airport

In a Tuesday night Facebook post, News group RTV6 of Indiana announced announced Mike Pence would be making a visit this week. Still miffed from the former Indiana governor’s staged #TakeTheKnee walkout—and the fact that he’s who he is, the general consensus was, and still is negative.

My favorite comment was the first one by Tony. It kept me reading and I’ve laughed a couple times tonight reading it. I underlined some others I felt spoke for  the majority…

Let the comments begin…

RTV6: JUST IN: The last time Pence visited Indianapolis was to go to the Colts-49ers game, which he left early.


Tony How about leaving so early you don’t even come?? Try that!!

Rita are we crying…move on get life and deal with it!

Tony More awful grammar from an ignorant Trumper…..

Peter You are a pathetic news organization can’t report one objective story in this administration thus why the general public had tuned you out

Thomas  Yet here you are.

Michael to Peter: here is some objective news: Mueller has 17 sealed indictments in his brief case comrade.

Peter to Michael: and they are going no where

George to Michael: because there are none moron!

Brian Why does this matter? To stir the pot? His job is not Indiana? His family may be here! But seriously get over your poor reporting and find a real news story must slow day at the office!

Jimmy If they didn’t feed the snowflakes, there wouldn’t be a reason for them to have a melt down!

Tony  It matters because he’s here to exploit Hoosiers to get a tax cut passedI see he’s not in Cali, or New York, nope, Indiana is part of the US, so it’s certainly his job.

Brian to Tony: not just Indiana!

Brian to Terry: CNN and Mainstream Media all they do!! Every day!!

Paul to Jimmy: you mean Trump and his supporters? Right?

Quentin to Brian: you forgot Faux News & Breitbart.

Brian to Quentin: Faux News is CNN and most of Mainstream Media nobody really tells us news anymore we just get commentary. I don’t want commentary.

Sandy All true Hoosiers are so proud of our Vice President Mike Pence…So embarrassed by the disrespectful people who post mean things. I know they are my brothers and sisters in Christ but don’t get their meanness
Brad I’m supposed to be proud that he was a bigot and tried to allow store owners to the discriminate against LGBT people how does that make me proud. And who are you to say who’s a true Hoosier or isnt. I was born here so I’m still a Hoosier but pence can take a long walk off a short cliff. He’s a Christian theocrat and doesn’t believe at all in the first amendment let alone the constitution. And the “meanness” is warranted for a disgusting human being

Sandy to Brad: Shake off your Democrat Dust and enjoy having a Hoosier as a Vice President of our Country only happened twice before…Big win for Indiana and Big win for you and me. He is a very very good man …If you are too…stop being part of the problem…

Bob  Remember the Patatoe guy. Lol

Bob  Why did he leave the Catholic Church?

Melissa  Lmao nottttttttt

Brown Indiana seriously needs to build a wall to keep him out. Most people would probably prefer the new 10 cent gas tax to build a wall instead repairing the Road’s Pence already fixed while governor.

Kevin  Lets hope its a short visit. I don’t find him that warm a person. Not a fan but he has people who like him which is great for them. lol

Robert LMAO at the ignorant, butt hurt liberals on here, you guys are fun to watch as you whine every opportunity that you get.

Bob  Coming back to pay off your debt,for your staged protest?

Greg Will Trump and Pence ever live down their sacrilege of disrespecting the media and entertainment/sports industries? Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Roger  Hope this idiot doesn’t plan on going to Sunday’s game.



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