WATCH: Obama`s grandmother makes BIGGEST REVELATION about his past – This is scary!

There have been hundreds of conspiracy theories about Barrack Obama’s origins, his past, and his religion. While some people claim that he was a African Muslim, educated and raised in a Islamic school in Indonesia, the official story till date remains that he was born in Hawaii to an American mother. But a new interview of Obama’s paternal grand mother proves that all this was just an eye wash.

Obama’s Grandmother Sarah Obama confesses the truth about his childhood and proves Obama’s claims wrong. In the telephonic interview, Obama’s grand mother goes on to prove that Barrack Hussein Obama has been lying to all of America for several years now. In fact, her confessions are so severe that this could end up putting Obama in jail if he is prosecuted.

Over a telephonic conversation with a member of a Muslim Swahili tribe in Kenya, the truth is finally reveled. The woman named Sarah Obama member of the tribe, quite old now recalls a few instances from the past. She goes on to say that she is Barrack Obama’s grandmother. Although she cannot speak English herself, a translator is present to help us understand what is going on.

Obama in traditional Islamic attire

The man then asks her where Obama was born. “He was born here in this village in Kenya,” she replies in Swahili. The interviewer doesn’t believe her straight away. He goes on to ask her how she knows this. Her answer is somewhat convincing. “I was there when he was born. What more proof do you need,” replies Obama’s grandmother.

Some people would now be asking so what if Obama was Kenyan? Well, here’s the catch. As per the law in the United States, only a person born here can become president. Although other posts such as Senator, Mayor, etc. can be occupied by those born outside, only an American born person can be the President of the United States.

Barrack Obama with his Kenyan Muslim family

The video is captioned “This is the audio of a telephone conversation with Sarah Hussein Obama, this time, with the transcript following along with the audio- where she says she was there when Obama was born.” WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TO KNOW WHAT EXACTLY SHE SAYS!

Click play to watch:

With this bomb shell revelation by his grand mother, it is indeed more certain that a clear investigation is required into Barrack Hussein Obama’s past. If a person lied about his birth, what makes you think he told the truth about his life? This man was the President of our country for 8 years and has made thousands of mistakes which we can see openly.

But what about all those hidden mistakes he committed which we know nothing about? If he was never an American to begin with, I for one, would not expect him to be loyal to our country. It is high time a special panel is set up to look into what exactly Obama was up to all these years and reverse all those decisions which could cause possible harm to our country.




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